Blockchain Healthcare Information Exchange, A Sustainable Decentralized Framework managing Medical Records:

Over a decade ago, the companies started choosing a distributed problem-solving model through open tender for solutions, which has brought significant changes in the way they work.

How Blockchain is Impacting in Healthcare Industry

Focusing on and dealing with our health is very important as our ways of life develop in manners that negatively affect our physical, mental and enthusiastic well being. What is Blockchain?

How blockchain & IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) are revolutionizing healthcare

“Take care of the Patient and everything will Follow” Thomas Frist, M.D., the quote represents the ultimate goal of the Healthcare services. The growing necessity of the healthcare service in everyday life.

Influencing blockchain to accelerate drug development through improved clinical trail process

Health is the paramount of this era, becoming most important aspect of the world, everything else after it. While the entire humanity is focusing on its wellbeing what becomes vital is anything that is related to the health.

Blockchain in Life Science

Blockchain technology is considered as one of the most important technologies that is secured by cryptography. Blockchain enhances collaboration, trust, security, interoperability and traceability in all functionalities in life science like supply chain management, financial transactions, and many more.