How blockchain & IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) are revolutionizing healthcare


“Take care of the Patient and everything will Follow” Thomas Frist, M.D., the quote represents the ultimate goal of the Healthcare services. The growing necessity of the healthcare service in everyday life makes it essential for the industry to constantly revive the methods of services. Every industry has implemented The internet of things (IoT) technology, through which they have gained benefit. This becomes important for Healthcare services to implement the technology in the industry, to be more efficient. Therefore the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is now vital for the industry.

What is IoMT?

The IoMT is the infrastructural connection of the medical devices, services, and systems, and software applications. It is the total management of the Healthcare service through the internet, which improvises the efficiency of the industry.

This helps increase the capacity of the lower cost of the service, maximizes accurate diagnosis, and minimizes mistakes that are prone to healthcare services. Even the treatment of chronic and terminal illnesses can be effectively managed.

The IoMT is helpful for the patients as well as service providers. It can drastically reduce the need for the in-person visit of the patients which in-turn is cost-effective. There has been an introduction to “smart pills”, which is a major scientific innovation. Smart pills contain microscopic sensors, which when swallowed can transmit the health condition of the patient to the device accessed by the service provider.

IoMT enables a major improvement in the healthcare service, that is the increase in remote assistance. The senior citizens and the disabled could avoid physical visits and the prolonged wait in the medical centers. They have quick access to the check-up as well as the online deliverance of the medicines.

Blockchain mechanism and IoMT:

The implementation of the IoMt however has to be incorporated with the blockchain mechanism. Integrity is the priority of the healthcare services as the health condition of the patients has to remain confidential. Therefore if the services are digitalized, the industry has to take measures in avoiding the storage of the data from being controlled or manipulated.

With the growth of the IoMT, the data management of the patient details is very essential. Therefore the adopting blockchain in the IoMT makes the patient data secure. Therefore implementing IoMT, blockchain mechanism is also vital for privacy, integrity, and security.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Service:

Hence IoMT and blockchain are indeed revolutionizing the healthcare industry by the following means:

- Cost-effective

- Monitoring accurate health condition

- Innovative microscopic sensors

- Privacy and Integrity Maintained

- Real-Time data

- Remote Medical Assistance especially for the elderly and the disabled.

Therefore continuous improvisation of the healthcare service depends on the constant application of new technologies. As the world moves forward to reach the highest level of technology, making life simpler, smart healthcare services are revolutionizing the industry moving to the next level.